Saturday, September 07, 2002

ya...this sucks. it seems like all the time im with people who make me feel like crap. oh, but wait...its my fault. maybe im just not hard-core. There are some things i just get so tired of, like trying to be good in effing band. Everything gets thrown right back at me, and no one notices. I know all the trumpets could care less if i didnt show up, because guess what. It wouldn't make one friggin difference. One more person not to screw up the horribly arranged show music. I take so much crap. If i didn't just take all the crap i have to, some peoples asses would be kicked and im serious. The funny thing is that even though i may act like im not some band obsessee i still try. Im sure jennifer could care less. Im just not gonna do anything. i hate this crap. i am just a slack off bad example who is unorganized, has the attention span of a 3 year old, and have someone who sucks horribly at trumpet tell me im bad. go screw yourselves everyone. people suck :<

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

well kiddos, just another day in the ever so exciting life of greg...sorta. so anyway, as usual, i went to band trying to look as white trash as i can except i changed my hat so id look better. I did the same old thing where i go to jennifer, tell her i love her as hick as i can, and offer her a trip to nascar with me. I find it fun to make a joke out of everything i do and i get some respect for it. hans and cassamasima respect it. I respect it. i play guitar. So anyway after that i went to beleive it or not fifth period to find out travis is now in my Algebra II PAP class. oh yeah, kelly is really hot and she won that idol show. crack is bad. for once i actually separated myself from jesse, michael, and trey, and i didnt talk or goof off. thats hard for me yall. if you dont like eat eat poop. communication app is cool with Ms Tate ( i stold kirstin's id and she didnt even know it) but before that i went into a practice room and played shostakovich and pagliacci with rach. yep. i have a cowboy lamp. well anyway i had history and then in sectionals. i cant get my damn mouthpeice out, so i had to play concert x flat while the other people breathed in. i went home. i ate. smokey told me only i can prevent forest fires. jared lost weight with subway. reporting live this was Greg Brittain... fox 4... news.

Monday, September 02, 2002

i dont understand this